EPA Announces Intent to Remove 40% turf limitation from WaterSense® program

(archived from October 25, 2011)

In a Notification of Intent (NOI), WaterSense outlines several proposed modifications under consideration including one affecting the landscape design portion of the program. The EPA currently allows two options for complying with landscape requirements; (1) Regionally-based allocations determined using EPA’s Water Budget Tool; or (2) Maximum turf allocation determined using a set percentage (i.e., 40 percent) of the landscaped area. The proposed modification would eliminate Option 2. “This is an important change, pursued by our association and others, that removes a policy adopted without scientific basis that fails to consider the significant environmental and human health benefits of turfgrass, including oxygen production, carbon sequestration, stormwater control and the reduction of site ambient temperatures.” noted NHLA Executive Director Ralph Egües.

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