We’re busy every day and alone it’s hard to keep up with changes that can impact our businesses. Through the NHLA we don’t just stay informed, we figure out what we can do together to protect our interests.

Veronica de Hoyos, de Hoyos and Associates
(Houston, TX)

Why is public policy important

…because we can learn from each other how to better develop our talent, grow our businesses, and better serve our customers while making our communities better places in which to live, work, and play.

…because you know that bad public policy undermines everything you work for, because you voice matters, and because together we will be heard.

…because apart our efforts are divided, together our efforts are multiplied.

…because we need to bring the power of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance to every community.

…because the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance is an advantage that every landscape industry firm should have.