Benefits of becoming a member

The National Hispanic Landscape Alliance seeks to inform, encourage, empower, and support its members so that they can become highly successful professionals, better engaged leaders, and more effective industry advocates.

Advancing the status and influence of Hispanics in the landscape industry The NHLA is a new association, but we are already respected by others for the work that we are doing and the difference we are making. Our members are seen as pioneers and their unique contributions are valued.

Being part of a Powerful Network can make a big difference whether you are a landscape industry professional looking to advance your career or an owner working to grow your business. We look forward to developing a wide range of opportunities for collaboration by members, so that they can learn from each other what has worked or hasn’t worked elsewhere.

Staying in the know can be hard whether you are running a business or a department or satellite office. The NHLA keeps you informed of matters that can have an impact on what you do and lets you know how you can work in concert with others to address any challenges that may arise.

Making your voice heard in the public arena isn’t easy. Preparing and making your case can be a time consuming challenge, even if you know of an opportunity to advance your interests. As part of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance, you’ll be much more effective getting your point of view heard.

Members-only equipment discounts


The Toro Company has extended NHLA members an 18% discount on Toro Landscape contractor equipment and the following attachments if included as part of the original sale or in the bid price: Z Master E-Z Vac collection systems, Recycler® mulching kits, Toro Z stands, Toro roller striping kits, operator controlled discharge chutes and deluxe suspension seats or suspension seat kits. Visit you nearest Toro dealer to save on your next purchase.

John Deere

Members of the NHLA are automatically enrolled in the John Deere GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program, and are immediately eligible for Platinum Level 2 Savings. Visit your nearest John Deere dealer to save on your next purchase.

Being the best. That’s our main goal and as NHLA members we know that we have better chance of attaining that goal with a network of competent and successful friends and by being part of an association that we run. Through the NHLA we can get the answers to questions we may have and develop programs and benefits that will make a difference.